How to Order


If you would like to enquire about any item on the site simply send us a message using the whatsapp chat button at the bottom of the page with the item(s) you are enquiring about and we will get back to you as soon as possible

Placing an Order

To place an order simply contact us via the whatsapp chat button on the website providing the following information

  1. The item(s) you would like to order ideally including a picture of the item(s) from the site
  2. The size you require using the relevant size charts for each item
  3. Your address for delivery for when your order arrives
  4. A phone number – required for you to get your DPD tracking and delivery notification

We require a minimum deposit of £10 per item for ALL orders which needs to be sent to if you do not have paypal we can also take deposit via bank transfer, once deposit is sent we will reply confirming your order, when sending any payment you need to advise us it has been sent so we can confirm receipt. ALL payments whether it be paypal or bank transfer MUST be sent as friends and family

On some occasions we may request payment in full however this would be advised to you when you enquire and we advise what payment is required

Deposits are non refundable should you cancel for any reason

When your order arrives you will be sent a message to advise you it has arrived and your balance if you have one to pay needs to be paid within 48hrs unless it has been agreed in advance that it can be paid in a certain time or on a certain date if the balance is not paid within that timescale then your order may be cancelled and you will lose your deposit

When DPD delivery your parcel if there is any sign of damage or it being interfered with in any way you MUST refuse the parcel, if you accept it then we CANNOT be held responsible for any issue as a result of any damage

Please NOTE we cannot guarantee the print on any Shirt and we recommend that all shirts be hand washed and not machine washed as it can damage/affect the print as can some washing liquids/powders

Generally all shirts are fine but the above can have an affect on some and no shirt will be replaced where the print has been affected as we cannot control how it is washed or what it may have come in contact with

Returns Policy

Returnes are agreed on an individual basis and once agreed must be sent back with the tag still on and in the original packaging it was received in. ALL returns must reach us within 5 days from the date the return is agreed, the customer is responsible for the return postage cost.

Once we receive the item it will be checked and if found not to have the reason for it’s return then it will be sent back out and postage costs charged to the customer.

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